My Inspiring Story 2

Yuni Setyaningsih/Laskar 7

There are so many stories as my experience which get me so inspired, experiences which drive me to learn about what exactly life is and how to live in this harsh life. Talking about people who inspire me and have a big space in my thought of their encouragement to my life, I would say there are 3 persons. My Birth Mom and Mom Sarah, and Kathryn Gilbert.

Before I’m talking any further, I would like to confirm that i have 2 moms literally. My birth mom and mom Sarah. How could that happen? i was selected as student ambassador/program of academic exchange  sponsored by US Department of State 2008/2009. i had been living with my host family. Since then, i have 2 moms :)

First is my birth mom, the super woman in the entire world for me. why? well, my dad was passed away 19 years ago. There are 6 daughters need to be fed and educated with. She has been a single mom and does whatever it takes to bring her daughters for a better living. Even in her late age, she still strong, does man’s job, woman’s job, and everything at once. I can’t even imagine how she could climb the trees, cut the trees, drive around the motor, do electricity, painting, fix the roof, etc. It what I call the power of mom. She so inspires me to be a strongest woman as best as woman can get. Her power, love, care and hope, she dedicates for her kids not even thinking a little bit for her self. From her, i learn what really love is. Loving others purely without any things expected further.

Mom Sarah is the 2nd most perfect mom after my birth mom according me. I have learned  so many things from her which mostly I’ve never realized how things could be so important.

I could see 2 sides of characters. In one point, she is a young mom who extremely outgoing, open minded, and fun. She put her self as fun as possible to ease me adjusting in her family. In this case, I thought that she would say okay if i cheat a little bit of a routine responsibility. But it was totally wrong. One day, i would like to miss a softball practice because I was just too tired and bored. i was planning to take a day off without any permission. When I got home, mom was just so surprised and asked for a detail why I was not going. When she figured that out, she was so disappointed of me. Then she suggested me what i should have done. She said that it was not working if i just got off without contacted coach or friends to ask an excuse. first i thought that it was just a little matter, nothing serious of it. But now i understand that a little thing matters. If we dared to apply or get involved into an organization or team whatever it is, it means that we get our self into a system with a certain rule which we sign up for already. It’s such a decision that we put responsibility on our shoulder. Communication is really important. We have to be honest of what we have done or what we are planning to do ahead. It ain’t true for reasoning an unexcused thing as reason for facing off our responsibility. we can say, it such a lie in another way.

In a while I realized how bad I was. I felt ashamed of my self. I wonder how if all the people do the same thing as I just did? How the world would be like?

Mom sarah not only get me inspired of that, she inspired me for being on time or even in time. I have story, this time I and a friend of mine were attending a American  National Memorial of Martin Luther King. As our deal, mom would pick us up at 3 right in front of the building. But somehow we were lost discussing with couple important people of the town and taking some pictures with them. All of the sudden, mom showed up with her big winter coat. “ Yuni, stela…..”, she yelled a little bit. We were scared at once guessing we were in a trouble. While walking on the way to the parking lot, she told us that she worried because we ain’t show up outside. She was waiting a long time with Timea ( her baby ) in the car while it was snowing real hard outside. When we were outside she was begging me to be on time next time. I was feeling even worst when I saw her freezing and pale. I kept asking my self what I’ve done. I was risking my mom and my sister of hypothermia.

It’s really my bad habit, I’ve always been late and doesn’t put that much attention for being on time. This experience teach me a lot that even 1 second could worth a big deal because there’s no way to go back in time.

Beside being on time, it’s really good for trying being in time that we always ready right before the time due because most cases we often need sometime to get prepared before the activity started. Also, plan completed with checklist needs to be organized well because it has a big matter whether we could possibly on time or not.

Moms, i love you both more than you could imagine ever :)

The third important person who inspires me a lot is Kathryn Gilbert. She is top of the top of my best friend list ever. From her, i learn to trust others, to trust that there’re a friendship in life and learn to be something useful for others. Honestly, i have been so hard to trust anybody. i have a lot of friends but i just hardly to trust anybody fully. But Kathryn gives a gift of brightness. She’ll always be there when i need, when my tears rivering my cheek, when all that surrounds me are secrets and lies, or whatever the situations are. I learn that friends are not a temporary place just when you need something from them, but friends are way more joyful than you could imagine. Friends always make you there where you belong with.


inspiring story 1

I think it’s kind of weird to write this story that I have to accomplish something good of my self. But I believe that something good will cause another goodness. To be inspired to others is not easy. Need certain amount of efforts to be it. But it also possible that what we’ve just done which we thought worthless could be something worth for others.

I would like to write my little story while I was doing my high school year in America because I think this is not just talking about my self as personal but Indonesian in general because I was representing Indonesia’s student. I realize that it’s not easy job but i tried to do whatever it takes. For those, a simple thing that I always do was i  put my big smile on whenever, wherever and whoever people I was talking with. Spreading out my big smile and greeting everybody. Those are out in the case whether I want to be an inspiring person or not, but those just as what my own habit which just like the way Indonesian mostly,  as long as i believe so.

I’m used to write my principle of life in my book as my motivation to keep right up to my purposes of life. One day, there were some friends of mine opened my book randomly then they read that. They told me that they got inspired of my principle of life. Somehow there were couple points which they’ve never realized before. That’s what they told me so. However, here are my principle of life :

“ i would be a kind of person who have strong willing, faith and effort. As a child I gradually learned not to be dismayed by the endless possibilities set before me but to embrace them, to relish the opportunity to create something from nothing. I learned valuable lessons in versatility, creativity, and tenacity. I have a large amount of ambition to invest to insure a better life for myself and I am willing to do what it takes to make that come true. Everything I learn, I learn with the promise of bettering my community in mind. To me life comes with autonomy, independence, and freedom with a respectable amount of wisdom and responsibility. Everything else, including my own happiness take second place to that goal. I don’t expect for everything to suddenly pop up with the meaning of life, but by looking forward in one place to another place whether in Indonesia or abroad, I will have a huge opportunity and challenge to see myself into that high competition. Because the world is not just where I have lived but a broad world which incites me into a diversity of culture and competition. I have a dream of success and I am willing to strive for it.”

However, I would like to write some quotations which my teachers and friends wrote me in my memory book, according that it would be awkward for accomplishing ourselves.

Here are some quotations from my American teacher which I take from my memory book:

“ What a joy it has been having you in class this year. Your participation in our class has added so much to my year. Your dedication, discipline, and willingness to try new things have set a fine example for your classmate who just adore you. My fondest memory will always remain as the traditional Indonesian gesture of respect for elders, an incredibly thoughtful gesture as the open hand on one’s cheek. If only we could adopt this custom in the USA”, Ms. Lisa Holliday

“ I can not express what a profound joy it has been to have you in my American Jazz class. Your warm disposition and caring manner speaks well of your upbringing. Your gesture of respect by putting my hand onto your cheek touched my hearth and I will treasure the memory. You know, I always say about you in my others class.” Mr. George Balog

“ You have a beautiful smile and great positive attitude. You have helped me to grow as individual and to feel the spirit of goodness and I will be ever thankful for your time here in America”, Coach Julie Raiff

“ It was a pleasure having you in choir class. When I got mad in the class of some students, but you there always different than others. When I look at you smiling, my emotion goes down. You were always in a peaceful state with a beautiful smile on your face.” Ms. Brandon Perry

Here are some quotations from my American and Finland friends which I take from my memory book :

“You are an inspiration because you always stick to everything you do, you are open minded and very nice. Stivers is going to miss your presence and I feel privileged to have met you.” Alissa morgan.

“ You are really a cool person, open minded and funny person. You are so smart, brilliant and genius person. i got so inspired of you.” Courtney Kamary

“ You are the kindest, sweetest, most awesome person from Indonesia I have ever met. You make me think that I have to get there sometime in my life just to try meet more people like you. I admire you for your openness to all new things like softball. No matter what, you always try hard and have fun.” Taylor

“ I love you yuni! You are the best person I’ve ever met. I’ve learned so much about your culture. I’ve become more interested than I was before. You’ve really opened my eyes. “  Leah Anne Smith

“You truly are a beautiful person inside and out. I admire you over all positive attitude towards everything. You have this wonderful energy about you that whenever you are around people you bring a smile to their face. You are truly an amazing person abd I’m happy to have met you.” Gregory Carter

“ Your smile has the capability to make others smile too”, Amanda Deitz

“ You are very special, nice, friendly, happy, beautiful person and you have made a life-long impression on me’” Ashley Miller

“ I’ll never loose your smiling face. You have a sparkling personality. You are a wonderful singer, maybe you’ll be the next American idol! I admires your voice.” Laura Henisuo

“You are such positive person and you’re always willing to try new things.” Heather Swope

“ I have truly been blessed by your smile, your smile is endless.” Kenyada Riley